Home Stays

Homestays are a wonderful way for students to use and improve their English skills, gain an understanding and appreciation for cultures using native English, make new friends, and have a really great time. In order to ensure our students have the best possible experience our homestay program only uses our personal homes or the homes of family and friends that we trust. Homestays are available at our beach homes in Carlsbad, California and Coco Beach, Florida. We also have an American homestay in Japan at our homes in Iruma, Saitama. Other locations are available from time to time and we have plans for an expansion into Washington state in the next few years.

Homestays are available on a short or long term basis for individual students, groups, and families. We are always there to help with English needs and structured classes can be added upon request through our regular language acquisition programs. There are standard at home and local activities with our families such as meals, park outings, and parties, etc. Students are also encouraged to participate with our families in the home routines of daily life such as cooking, shopping, and various other chores. A variety of add on activities are available for reasonable costs.

Our homestay program is meant to immerse our students in western culture. It is important to understand that American culture is very diverse and concepts like manners, communication, and lifestyle etc. and can differ from home to home. Our homestay program has a uniform approach to these ideas with specific goals to educate our students on the proper ways of a western lady or gentleman. It is a challenging and rewarding experience to be immersed in another language and culture and we look froward to sharing our world with you.