Seminars are short term classes ranging from a few hours or a single day to a few days. The class days can occur consecutively or on a weekly or monthly basis. They are a great way to study and interact with others sharing similar interests. We meet at both school facilities and public venues.

World Studies​

World Studies are seminars that survey a variety of academic subjects and interests both as stand alone content and themed across disciplines. Business, international relations, politics, and current events are the main topics covered in our professional section. Culture, history, art, and travel are generally themed by a country or region offer a great way to experience the world.

Parent Support​

Parent seminars are designed with the primary goals of explaining the concepts of a compressive education for a child of the 21st century and the manners needed to be successful in the world today. We seek to give the parents the tools needed to support their children academically in the home environment. We encourage parents to help children take a more active role in the chores and other responsibilities of home life so they may become self sufficient in adulthood.

Academic Studies

Academic seminars range through the ages and disciplines. We have preschool seminars where children can come on the weekend to experience an international preschool. Seminars to introduce students our academic clubs, specific academic topics, and academic skills development are also offered throughout the year. Japanese coursework seminars are handled through our Juku department.