Studies Abroad

Academics are the primary goal of our studies abroad program. Student most commonly focus on English, but have the opportunity to study all subjects as needed. Additionally, there are many wonderful special interests or hobby based areas of study such as sports, art, dance, acting, music, cooking etc. The list is almost endless.

RIS offers many of these opportunities through our academic programs, seminars and clubs or through third party organizations. Students studying with us in Japan can continue seamlessly from where they left off. New students are welcome at any academic level. Students choosing to attend other institutions can receive tutoring as needed and are welcome to join our seminars and club activities.

Students often participate in our homestay program while studying abroad. This duel enrollment offers us the opportunity to provide more seamless support for our students and allows to ensure they have a home life that will support their studies. Families and friends wishing to visit our students can receive travel support through our overseas placement services.